Housing Assistance Payments to Continue

HCV Funding

Based on the funding received under the continuing resolution (CR) the government is currently operating under, Housing Assistance Payments (HAP) will be made for March and April as usual.  In addition, Housing Authorities with HUD-held reserves are able to request additional funding to ensure there are no gaps in monthly payments. 

Landlords will continue to receive monthly payments consistent with their HAP contracts.  Households receiving utility reimbursements will continue to receive their monthly payments as usual.

Public Housing Operating Fund

Based on the funding received under the CR, Operating Funds will be provided for the months of  March, April and May.

Please continue to monitor our website, twitter and facebook pages for updates.

Questions relating to Section 8 housing assistance payments should be directed to Marie Johnson at mjohnson@portagehousing.org  or (330)297-1489 ext 205. 

Public Housing residents with question should contact Cindy Blevins at cblevins@portagehousing.org or (330) 297-1489 ext. 218.