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Jun 15, 2021

Being a Public Housing community member has more perks beyond affordable costs of living and community housing repairs. In addition to providing affordable housing, PMHA also offers programs that increase quality of life, safety, and access to resources. 

ChromeBook & Hotspot Lending Program

In order to make the internet more accessible to Public Housing Residents, PMHA has established a WiFi hotspot lending program. This program helps bridge the digital gap between those who have access to high-speed internet and those who do not. 

Why is internet access so important? Access to the internet allows people to apply for jobs, research community events and topics of interest, and learn about opportunities for assistance. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we also saw just how important the internet is to keeping us all connected. PMHA believes everyone has a right to this connection. 

PMHA’s WiFi hotspot lending program has provided free, unlimited internet access to over 100 Public Housing residents since it began in fall of 2020. 

To further support Public Housing residents, in April 2021, PMHA began lending out Chromebooks in addition to WiFi hotspots. PMHA has already provided Chromebooks to over 75 residents since the program began. 

Good Neighbor Meetings with Kent PD & Fire

Our Good Neighbor Program is made possible by funding under the City of Kent’s Social Service Program. 

The goal of PMHA’s Good Neighbor Program is to stabilize the Public Housing sites located in the City of Kent through educationally driven efforts that enhance security and instill a sense of community pride, in order to maintain housing for persons at risk for homelessness.That’s why PMHA teams up with the Kent Police Department and the Kent Fire Department to host Good Neighbor Meetings as part of our Good Neighbor Program.  

These meetings are outdoor gatherings at Athena Gardens, Heritage Knolls, and Portage Landings — three PMHA-owned housing developments in Kent. PMHA staff, the Kent Police Public Information Officer, and a Kent Fire staff member provide important information to the community. 

During Good Neighbor meetings, they discuss what to do and who to contact regarding criminal and drug-related activity and provide fire prevention resources. Additionally, PMHA staff provides ongoing education related to maintaining housing and preventing lease violations and terminations and offers referrals and service coordination to residents. 

As a new feature this September, PMHA will introduce bicycle safety as a topic during Good Neighbor meetings. PMHA will also add bike racks to two properties to encourage safe bicycle habits around the community.

City of Kent Social Service Grant

PMHA has received Social Service Grant funding from the City of Kent to make life better for Kent Public Housing residents. The City of Kent Social Service Grants fund many programs for Kent residents, including PMHA’s Good Neighbor program with the Kent Police and Fire Departments. 

To receive these grant funds, PMHA had to submit a data-driven proposal for programming that would help support Public Housing residents in Kent. We are excited to be able to utilize these funds for programming for Public Housing Residents to make sure our neighborhoods are safe. 

Portage Metropolitan Housing Authority 

Want to learn more about affordable housing and related programming through the Portage Metropolitan Housing Authority? From HUD housing contractor requirements to event scheduling, our staff members are always happy to answer any questions you might have. 

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