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Oct 26, 2022

Find a Retail Space for Your Business with Portage Metropolitan Housing Authority

If you’re a business owner who is looking for a retail space, Portage Metropolitan Housing Authority (PMHA) can help. We have commercial space for lease for retail and professional uses in Portage County. PMHA’s portfolio of commercial properties is available for lease to businesses and organizations that provide a wide range of goods and services to the community.

When you’re looking for the perfect space for your business, many factors may influence your decisions. This guide can help you identify what to consider when selecting retail space for your business. 

What to Think About When Looking for Retail Space

There are many things to think about when you’re looking for a location for your business. Here are a few considerations:

Business Type

First, think about what type of business you are running. The space you need will be influenced by what you’re offering in the space. If you’re running a professional service business, for example, your needs will be vastly different than if you’re running a flower shop or restaurant. 

Space Needs

Evaluate how much space you need to house your business, including employees, your merchandise, storage, and more. Ideally, the space will be able to include everything you need for your business without being too cramped or having wasted space that you don’t use. 


Think about what types of amenities you need to support your business. For instance, if your business sells custom-made clothing, you may want to have a changing room or you’ll require adequate space for displays and shelving. Envision if everything you need to sell your goods and services to the community can work in the space.


Last, but not least, consider your budget. You need to factor in the monthly cost of paying the property lease and utilities like gas, electricity, water, and sewer. Evaluate whether or not your business plan is covering these potential costs to ensure your business can be profitable. Even if the space is perfect from a size perspective and has all the amenities you need, it has to fit into your overall budget.

What Else Should You Consider?

Market Research

Consider the target market for your product or service. Will you be able to connect with buyers at this location? 

Surrounding Retail

Are there other businesses near the property that can help attract customers to your business? Or are there competitive businesses nearby?

Care & Maintenance

Make sure that you consider what it may take to keep the property looking its best, including regular cleaning, landscaping or lawn care, garbage disposal, etc.

Get Funding

If a space checks all the boxes and seems like the ideal retail location for your business, but it’s stretching your budget—consider a small business loan or find other ways to get funding.

How to Get Started

Review PMHA’s commercial properties, and you can find an application for leasing the space here. For more information on commercial space opportunities, please call (330) 297-1489.

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