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We are committed to providing decent, safe and affordable housing options.
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The Portage Metropolitan Housing Authority (PMHA) is committed to providing decent, safe and affordable housing.

To meet our own high standards, each unit is well maintained and inspected often. This also assures tenant satisfaction and ensures compliance with HUD housing standards and other regulations.

The PMHA provides housing assistance through a portfolio of housing options for families, disabled persons and senior citizens. These include more than 300 units of Public Housing, 24 units of market-rate housing owned by PMHA, and more than 1,800 Section 8 housing units.

Explore PMHA Housing and Property Options

Public Housing

Decent and safe rental housing (apartments/homes) for eligible individuals and families.

Section 8

PMHA’s largest housing assistance program is the Housing Choice Voucher, commonly known by the name Section 8.

Other Housing

PMHA owns and operates 1, 2 and 3-bedroom unsubsidized units for rent in Kent, Ohio.


For businesses and organizations. Spaces vary. Can combine or subdivide spaces.


PMHA welcomes your questions, comments and requests.

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