Public Housing

Public Housing are units owned and managed by the PMHA. Public Housing provides low-income families decent, safe and affordable housing options.
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About PMHA Public Housing

Public Housing is properly described as the portfolio of houses, apartments and group homes owned and operated by PMHA. The units are paid for by the rents charged to residents, which is calculated based on the family’s income, and a subsidy from the federal government to make up the difference between operating costs and rents. A family residing in Public Housing gets rental assistance as long as they live in Public Housing; if they want to move outside of the PMHA portfolio, they will lose their subsidy assistance under the Public Housing program.

PMHA has 303 housing units, distributed throughout Portage County. Of these, 233 are designated for families, and 70 are considered for elderly and disabled persons. Residents include families with children, people living with disabilities, and senior citizens, to name a few groups. Housing types offered through Public Housing include single family homes, multi-family apartments, and group home residences. PMHA apartment complexes are generally small, cozy communities, with 25-30 townhome or duplex-style units, with one apartment building with 50 units and a renovated historic hotel building that has 20 apartments. PMHA housing is located in Ravenna and Ravenna Township, Kent, Brimfield, Rootstown, Shalersville, Windham, Edinburg, Freedom and Atwater. Applications for Public Housing are accepted by clicking the Wait List tab above.