FAQ for Landlords

Benefits of Section 8 Housing As A Landlord

In addition to PMHA being easy to work with, accepting Section 8 housing choice vouchers from renters can also help your properties rent faster. Section 8 landlords receive free advertising for their properties on our website and we connect our wait lists of renters to available Section 8 properties and landlords in the area.

Section 8 landlords can also avoid late rent payments, a common struggle for landlords, since Section 8 vouchers pay for the majority of the monthly rent on time. Section 8 tenants are usually reliable at paying their portion of the rent on time as well, because failure to fulfill the lease agreement can result in their housing voucher being taken away.

How Do I Become a Section 8 Housing Landlord?

If you are interested in becoming a Section 8 landlord, please contact PMHA to complete an application. We will review your rental rates to determine if they are reasonable for the housing market. If you are approved as a potential landlord, we will send an inspector to your rental property to make sure that it is safe and sanitary. Once this inspection process is complete and your property is approved, you will be eligible to accept Section 8 vouchers from renters.

How Much Should I Charge for Rent?

While Section 8 landlords have the freedom to determine the rental rate for their properties, the rent that you establish must be comparable with rental rates for properties of similar location, quality, size, type, and age. In the event that your rent is not in line with that of similar properties, you may be asked to lower it before being approved as a Section 8 landlord. Similarly, if you become a Section 8 landlord and want to increase your rental rate in the future, PMHA must also approve that these increases are reasonable.

What is the Housing Authority Inspector Looking for During the Inspection?

In order to approve your rental property to accept Section 8 vouchers, PMHA will send an inspector. We complete a thorough inspection process for every potential Section 8 rental property in order to ensure that the unit meets all local building codes and safety codes. From working locks on windows and doors to a sound overall structure, safe wiring, code-complaint plumbing, and more, we are checking that residents will have a safe and sanitary home. 

In a Section 8 Lease Agreement, What Is the Landlord Responsible for?

While PMHA can assist you throughout the rental process and renter screening has already been completed before issuing Section 8 vouchers, Section 8 landlords are still responsible for carrying out their own screening process for potential tenants and creating a lease agreement. Within this lease agreement, the landlord is responsible for maintaining their property as they are for a private tenant. Responsibilities such as making repairs and collecting security deposits and monthly rent belong to you as the landlord. In the event that a tenant commits a major violation of their lease agreement, Section 8 landlords do have the ability to report them to PMHA.

Other Questions?

Have questions before you complete our application to become a Section 8 landlord? From answering questions about the rental process to providing you with the specifics of our inspection process, we’re happy to help!

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