Marketing Section 8 Housing

Feb 3, 2022

Even though there is a high demand for Section 8 housing across the nation, landlords still have to let the world know about available properties. The good news is that it’s relatively easy, and there are many free resources available. This guide will point you to some common ways that landlords promote their properties among Section 8 housing participants.

How to Educate the Community

A good place to start is with your local housing authority for guidance on how to educate your community about your rental listing. Organizations like PMHA can help you uncover where people in your community most commonly look for information and help you get your rental property listed. 

Market Section 8 Listings Online

You can reach Section 8 participants online through national, state, and local government websites, as well as housing websites like and Property owners and managers can also list units on The site provides property rental listings directly to Public Housing Authorities. Plus, this is a free online service. 

In the State of Ohio, ​​ is another free service that allows owners to register rental properties. We encourage owners  to utilize these sites as a means of marketing vacant units, and the team at PMHA prints available listings and distributes them to voucher holders searching for rental units.

Social Media for Section 8 Housing

You can also share listings on social media platforms like Facebook. There are national, state, and local Facebook groups, and you can post your listing on Facebook Marketplace.

Traditional Marketing for Section 8 Housing

You can also reach participants using traditional methods like providing fliers to your housing authority or other community groups that allow such postings. You can also place ads in area newspapers. 

Portage Metropolitan Housing Authority Can Help 

If you have an available property, PMHA can help you connect with rental candidates. You can learn more about PMHA’s housing options or contact us if you have questions, comments, or requests.


Hesitant to Accept Section 8 Vouchers? 

As a landlord, did you know that one of the biggest perks of accepting Section 8 is that the housing assistance payment is deposited each month without delay? PMHA also offers a $1,000.00 new landlord incentive. A new landlord is defined as a landlord who has not rented to a voucher holder within the past (2) years. 

In addition, PMHA offers quarterly landlord orientations. Landlords are educated on various topics such as inspections, regulations and payment information. PMHA has adopted the use of a landlord portal that allows landlords 24/7 access to current and past inspection information, payment history and contact information can be updated.

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