PMHA Family Self-Sufficiency Program

Jul 25, 2022

Goals of PMHA’s Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) Program

PMHA’s Family Self-Sufficiency program is about giving people a path to economic independence. We work with individuals and families who have the desire to achieve self-sufficiency, and we believe financial stability has the power to change lives for the better. It is an opportunity for participants to build a fulling path forward, where their goals are in reach.

How Does the FSS Program Work?

FSS participants work with PMHA’s FSS Coordinator, and together they set goals and create a written road map to achieving them.

There are two key features of the FSS Program: 

  • Resources & Support: Coordinators help participants access services they may need to overcome barriers to employment, strengthen their financial capability, and address other challenges holding them back from achieving their goals. 
  • Incentives: This is a financial incentive for participants to increase their earnings. An escrow “savings” account is established where contributions increase as a participant’s earned income increases to build savings. When all goals are met to complete the program, the participant receives the money from the escrow account.

Who Is the Right Fit for the FSS Program? 

Are you looking for ways to better your life? Do you want to take steps to be financially independent? Are you goal-oriented? These are questions to ask yourself when considering the program. 

The FSS Coordinator encourages individuals and families who are participating in the Section 8 HCV program to consider this program.

What Does Self-Sufficiency Look Like?

When we talk about self-sufficiency or financial independence, we ask participants to imagine having a secure job that covers expenses–and even offers the chance to save money to get ahead. Think about having a home. Consider what it means to be confident that you can manage what life throws at you, even when things get challenging. 

Self-sufficiency is standing on your two feet. It’s not relying on government assistance. It’s building a meaningful path forward on your terms. Three areas the FSS Coordinator works on with participants include:

  • Service Coordination and Case Management: Referrals to community resources and strategies to reach your goals.
  • Stable employment: A job with fair wages and desirable benefits that can rely upon for consistent income. 
  • Economic security: The ability to manage monthly expenses and even save money to achieve goals. 

Portage Metropolitan Housing Authority 

The FSS waiting list is currently open! If you are a Section 8 participant and believe the FSS program would be a good fit, please contact Tiffani Toth, FSS Coordinator, at 330-297-1489 Ext. 223 or


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