Section 8 Waitlist Process

Dec 20, 2023

Section 8 Waitlist Process

Section 8 Housing allows those in need to afford basic housing necessities. This is accomplished through vouchers paid to make up the difference in rent for the landlords. Section 8 only benefits specific individuals and families in need. However, so many have this need that not enough housing resources are available, leading to the development of the Section 8 waitlist. Section 8 is a service available for all citizens.  The waitlist provides a framework to allow all those in want to meet this basic need.

The Section 8 Application Process

Section 8 fills a prevalent need for those in Portage County. To best serve everyone in need of this initiative, a strict bureaucracy must be observed to ensure that all those needing help can receive it. Applicants will find a two-tiered system regarding the Section 8 waitlist. First, before a candidate can be placed on the waitlist, they must complete a pre-application form. This form will require basic information such as your current mailing address, birthday, and social security number. All submitted applications must remain completely accurate to join the Section 8 waitlist. Failure to do so will lead to an applicant being considered invalid and losing their place on the waitlist.

Why Do I Need Placed on a Waitlist?

Many face a great need for aid regarding housing. Across the nation, over 1.5 million people currently find themselves on the waitlist; when you include the waiting list for housing vouchers into the fray, the list grows by another million.

In Portage County, only 303 housing units are available for everyone who may require them. However, of these 303 units, only 233 are designed specifically for families, leaving only 70 for the elderly and other individuals who qualify for Section 8. With such a significant number of people in need and only a certain number of available options, backups will naturally occur. The most efficient and fair way to ensure everyone gets the opportunity to receive their benefits is to form a Section 8 waitlist.

How Long Is Section 8 Waiting List? 

A person’s time on the Section 8 waitlist will vary depending on current economic conditions, occupancy levels, and voucher availability. There is no universal answer to determine how long someone may wait for housing assistance. The average time a family may find themselves on a waitlist is approximately 18-months to two years, but applicants can experience even longer waits which is determined by the needs of the program. Therefore, potential recipients should apply immediately, as the Section 8 waiting list will close at midnight on December 31, 2023.

What Might Delay or Cause an Issue With the Waitlist Process?

Once a person reaches the top of the Section 8 waitlist, several factors may impede one’s Section 8 waitlist application. However, should an applicant completely and honestly fill out their application form, further impediments will not likely occur. As previously listed, all inputted information on the application must prove completely accurate and will be verified at that time their name reaches the top of the waitlist. All applicants are eligible to apply to the Section 8 waitlist.

Apply for Section 8 Today 

If you need Section 8 housing, the process itself proves very straightforward. To apply to the Section 8 waiting lists, you will need an email address that you have access to, and be prepared to list your social security number, birth date, and provide a current mailing address. To join the section 8 waitlist, check out the Portage Metropolitan Housing Authority website today! Please note: the Section 8 waitlist will be closed as of December 31, 2023 at midnight. The Public Housing waitlist will remain open. The Public Housing Program is for families, elderly and/or disabled households.

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